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A 'technological' vote of confidence in Robotsafe by MiR


A 'technological' vote of confidence in Robotsafe by MiR

The Greek robotic tech developed by Gizelis Robotics has been praisingly welcomed by the Danish Company MiR- Mobile Industrial Robotics, a leading manufacturer in collaborative robots. Being a world leader in autonomous robotic systems, MiR has included in its high-tech portfolio of solutions offered to its business customers, RobotSafe, the first autonomous Made in Greece disinfection robot, produced by the dominant robotics manufacturing company, Gizelis Robotics.

RobotSafe, developed by the expert’s team of Gizelis Robotics, is a prominent, autonomous disinfection robot, with fogging technology which neutralizes micro-organisms, viruses, bacteria and Covid-19. This robot has been designed to help businesses remain functional by efficiently disinfecting the employees’ premises and thus, greatly contributing to business being conducted in a most safe and secure environment.

It has been indicated that Gizelis Robotics is the exclusive representative of MiR, while at the same time, manufactures its own and develops easy-to-use, flexible and secure robots to help businesses increase the efficiency of their operations. These unique, collaborative robots are now used by manufacturers in a wide range of industries and healthcare sectors to automate their in-house transportation. Nowadays, there is a great demand for these unique and innovative collaborative robots in a plethora of industries and logistics centers.


Gizelis - RobotSafe™ | Mobile Industrial Robots (mobile-industrial-robots.com)
Gizelis Robotics - ROBOTSAFE™ - Dry Fog disinfection robot! - YouTube


Mr. Panagiotis Lagios, Co-Founder and CTO of Gizelis Robotics states, “Gizelis Robotics is dynamically expanding by building up strategic partnerships with overriding leaders in the field of robotics at an international level. It is a distinct honour for us that our new robotic disinfection technology enjoys acceptance and recognition from an international player such as MiR”.


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Gizelis Robotics is the most modern robotic solutions company in Greece, offering products and solutions in a variety of industrial applications. It provides both unique and on-demand robotic solutions as well as combined robotic and artificial intelligence solutions for the Greek and international industry.


BROOKSTREET is Gizelis Robotics strategic partner. A unique, commercially motivated and flexible Private Equity/Venture Capital (PEVC) investment group supporting companies which experience transformational growth. Our mission is to be “the leading investor and partner for innovative, profitable, high-growth and extrovert small-cap (SME) out-performers”. Based in London (the bridge of the world) we outreach USA, Europe, Middle East and Asia. We seek opportunities in asymmetric (emerging and developing) markets where we have a distinct competitive advantage to apply Anglo-Saxon models of growth and expansion. Currently we are very active in SE Europe.



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